Max Group Internet Partner Program

For the Professional on the go, Max Group offers an e-Commerce Solution for today's ever changing market. Max Group's MGIP Program provides you with your own website presence, Real-time Inventory, Custom products import feature, Shopping Cart, Both Pay-Pal and Payment Gateway ready and drop-shipping anywhere across the Continental U.S. (excludes Hawaii and Alaska) with your printed label on the parcel.

The following packages are available to all Max Group Resellers:-

Silver Package


The Silver package allows resellers to display products, services or additional website domain names. Category selections and custom home design options allows for your new website presence.

Gold Package


The Gold package allows resellers to drop-ship anywhere across the Continental U.S. (excludes Hawaii and Alaska), with multiple Payment options. Select Custom pricing options for your customers.

Platinum Package


The Platinum package offers resellers the ability to provide multiple pricing levels to thier unique data base (i.e government, school, city and end user). This allows you the option of being price selective to target specific markets.

Drop Shipping Available

Drop shipping can be a quick and effective way to utilize large quantities of inventory, without having to invest in item warehousing. Max Group’s MGIP program gives you the flexibility of drop-shipping from our warehouse to your customer’s location with your printed label on the parcel.

Website Presence

Max Group helps you get started right away by providing you with your own starter templates, upload your logo, banner and footer info if necessary allowing you to start your website presence today. In addition to your starter templates you will also have the option to customize your own home page for a unique look displaying your personal touch.

Add your own products

With an ever increasing requirement for additional products to promote on your site Max Group provides an inventory import feature allowing you to add as many products to your website of your choice. Utilize the option to create your own brands, categories and export your own CSV file (spreadsheet). Incorporate your own product line, services and consulting notifications to your website to consistently display your professionalism.

Customer Management

As you increase your data base, Max Group provides for you the tools required to service your clients. Your customers may view their order history, tracking info and Invoices. You may also select specific pricing bands per client, access page views, IP address and refer click trails to track the search engine path.

Order Processing

Max Group allows your website to accept payments (Shopping cart required), even if the items aren’t a part of our inventory. Select all Major Credit Cards, Pay Pal, Open Credit, Wire Transfer, COD and enable 1 of 3 payment gateways (, Verisign or LinkPoint API * Payment gateways aren’t required for service). Once your customer has registered and created an account on your website, they or you may place an order for drop-shipment.


Max Group understands the requirement to start your ecommerce program as quickly as possible so once you’ve selected your package you’ll be ready in no time. You’ll need your own registered domain or sub-domain, with DNS control to redirect towards our web-server @ our shared IP address. You may accept all major credit cards as your customer’s billing info will be received through your Store Administrative page. Utilize your in house POS system (point of sale) to run your clients credit card information.


Due to the current economic crises more and more individuals are turning towards their entrepreneurial ambitions. Max Group’s MGIP program provides the solution for people on a shoe string budget or for the professionals on their regular job wanting to supplement their income. Let Max Group provide the logistical backend support for real-time inventory, product packaging, shipping and warehousing. It’s up to you for the level of servicing you provide for your client but sign-up today for a reseller account, select your MGIP package of choice and start profiting today.


Select your monthly option or discounted rate package to enjoy the benefits of MGIP today!!!

Monthly Rate Package
MGIP-SILVER Online Catalog website presence, no shopping cart. $49/Month
MGIP-GOLD Drop-Shipping, Shopping Cart, Gateway, Pay-Pal Ready $79/Month
MGIP-PLATINUM Multiple pricing bands, Configurator, Pay-Pal Ready $99/Month
MGIP-CSVFTP CSV Subscription file w/FTP Connection $29/Month
MGIP-CSV4ME CSV Subscription file, Excel Spreadsheet HTML Codes $59/Year
Setup fee and SSL Charge
  Silver Gold Platinum
Dedicated IP Fee (optional) $50 $50 $50
Setup Fee $50 $50 $50
Montly Fee $49 $79 $99
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Click here to read the MGIP Program's Service Agreement.