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AFT USB Hub / Card Readers
SKU: AF08PG-G5X AFT Professional Series External USB 2.0 Card Reader for Mac and PCs, Model PROGear-G5X - Retail
SKU: AF08IDUO-WHT AFT White USB 2.0 Dock for iPod or iPhone with Card Reader for PCs, Model iDuo - Retail
SKU: AF08PRO-55U AFT Black All-in-One Internal 5.25" Ultra Hi-speed USB 2.0 Card Reader, Model PRO-55U - Retail
SKU: AF08PRO-35U AFT Black & Silver All-in-One Internal/External Ultra Hi-speed USB 2.0 Card Reader, Model PRO-35U - Retail
SKU: AF08XM35U-BLK AFT Black Internal 3.5" USB 2.0 Professional Card Reader for Kiosk Applications, Model XM-35U - Retail
SKU: AF08XM-5U AFT Black Internal All-in-One Ultra Hi-speed USB 2.0 Card Reader, Model XM-5U - Retail
Syba USB Hub / Card Readers
SKU: SY08CRD20061 SYBA Ultra Compact Design External 5-Slot Memory Card Reader with Built-in USB 2.0 Cable Black Color Model CL-
SKU: SY08HUB20033 SYBA Black Compact design 4-Port USB 2.0 Hub, Model CL-HUB20033 -Retail
SKU: SY08U2MNHUB4B SYBA 4-Port USB Mini Hub with On/Off Switch for Each Port Black Support Mac and PC Model CL-U2MNHUB-4B
SKU: SY08HUB20058 SYBA USB 3.0 Super Fast Speed 5Gbps 4-port Hub, Internally or Externally, Model SD-HUB20058 - Retail
SKU: SY08HUB20162 SYBA IO Crest Play & Play USB3.0 4-Port Hub , Model SI-HUB20216 - Retail
SKU: SY08HUB20078 SYBA 7-Port Hub Combo USB 3.0 (x2) + USB 2.0 (x5) with USB 3.0 Cable and AC Adapter, Model SY-HUB20078 - Retai
SKU: SY08HUB20134 SYBA Internal Drive Bay USB3.0 4-Port Hub with 1 Fast Charging Port, Model SY-HUB20134 - Retail
SKU: SY08MRA55005 SYBA Multipurpose 5.25" Bay Adapter for Slim Optical Drive and 2.5" SATA I/II/III HDD with 2-Port USB 3.0 Mode
SKU: SY08MRA55006 SYBA 5.25" Dual Bay Mobile Rack for both 2.5" and 3.25" SATA HDD Plus 2-Port USB 3.0 Model SY-MRA55006 - Retai
Teac USB Hub / Card Readers
SKU: TE08TEAC-SB TEAC Black 1.44 Slim Floppy Drive ,Model FD-05HG